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“IHST Findings and Recommendations to Achieve
an 80 Percent Reduction in Helicopter Accident Rates by 2016”

The year 2010 is pivotal for IHST as industry, associations, the international government regulatory agencies and helicopter operators continue their aggressive effort to reduce the worldwide helicopter accident rate by 80% by 2016. Many Regional Partners are beginning the transition from data analysis to setting up the regional Helicopter Safety Implementation Teams to deliver and monitor real world safety interventions in their regions.  

IHST Executive Committee
Matthew S. Zuccaro (Co-Chair), Helicopter Association International • Mark Schilling (Co-Chair), FAA •Kim Smith, FAA (Incoming Co-Chair) • Sue Gardner, FAA, IHST Program Director • M. E. Rhett Flater, AHS International, IHST Secretariat • Directors: Somen Chowdhury, Bell Helicopter Textron Canada • Bob Sheffield, Shell Aircraft Ltd. • Fred Jones, Helicopter Association of Canada • Jean-Pierre Dedieu, Eurocopter, EHEST Representative • John Black, European Helicopter Operators Committee, EHEST Representative

International Team Leaders

JHSAT Co-Chairs, Jim Grigg, FAA, Jack Drake, HAI
JHSIT Co-Chairs, Fred Brisbois, Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., Larry Buehler, FAA


EHEST Co-Chairs, John Vincent, EASA, John Black, EHOC, and Jean-Pierre
Dedieu, Eurocopter
EHSAT Co-Chairs, Michel Masson, EASA
EHSIT Co-Chairs, José Esteve Fernández de Córdova, INAER, newEHA and
EHSIT Industry Co-Chair, John Steel, IAA,


JHSAT Co-Chairs, Ana Claudia Galvao, CHC Helicopter (Brazil) and
Lt Cel Uberacy, CENIPA


JHSAT Co-Chairs, Sylvain Seguin, CHL, Bill Taylor, Transport Canada


Regional Leads, Arvind Sinha, DoD Australia, Kimberly Turner, Aerosafe


Regional Lead, AVM K Sridharan, Rotor Society of India

Gulf Cooperative Council

Tony Griggs, Falcon Aviation, Michel Theriault, Abu Dhabi Aviation


Regional Leads, Dr. Shigeru Saito, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency,
Kiyomitsu Mochizuki, Aero Asahi Corporation

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IHST Update

Overview since IHSS 2009
Sue Gardner, FAA, IHST Program Director

Keynote Address

Vittorio Morassi, Chairman, newEHA

EHEST Updates (all updates contained in one presentation)

EHEST  Update by Luigi Candiani, AgustaWestland
EHSAT Update by Michel Masson and Marieke van Hijum, EASA
EHSIT Update by John Steel, IAA and Esteve Fernandez de Cordova, INAER

Regional Updates

India written by AVM K Sridharan, Rotory Wing Society of India
Gulf Cooperative Council by Roy Barnett, FAA
Japan written by Kiyomizuki, AeroAsahi Co.
USJHSAT by Mark Schilling, FAA
USJHSIT by Fred Brisbois, Sikorsky Aircraft
Brazil presented by Sue Garner for Brazil JHSAT
Canada presented by Somen Chowdhury, Bell Helicopter Textron for Canada JHSAT

Military Presentation

Dr. Mark Couch, Institute for Defense Analysis            

Symposium Chair
Captain John T. Black

EHOC Secretary/Treasurer
EHEST Co-Chair

Administrative Chair
M. E. Rhett Flater

AHS International
IHST Secretariat

Program Chair
Sue Gardner


Inquiries may also be directed to:
Kay Brackins
IHST Membership Coordinator


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