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International Helicopter Safety Team (IHST)  


Government Co-Chair - Jim Viola, FAA Flight Safety.

Industry Co-Chair - Matt Zuccaro, Helicopter Association International

Secretariat - Mike Hirschberg, AHS International

Communications - Tony Molinaro, FAA


Jim Viola, FAA   -   Kurt Robinson, Robinson Helicopter   -   Bob Sheffield. Winning     Culture   -   Fred Jones, HAC   -   Gilles Bruniaux, Airbus   -   Raj Helweg, Air Methods 


  European Teams:  R.COM and ESPN-R 

European Rotorcraft Committee (R.COM), an EASA Advisory Body

Chair –  Tim Fauchon, EHA / BHA
Vice Chair –  Gilles Bruniaux, ASD / Airbus Helicopters 

EASA Manager –  David Solar

European Safety Promotion Network Rotorcraft (ESPN-R)

Coordinator –  Michel Masson, EASA

Coordinator –  Bernd Osswald, Airbus Helicopters


Training Team Leader –  Mathieu Vandenavenne, Safety For Flight

Ops & SMS Team Leader –  Stefano Burigana, Elilombarda

Technology Team Leader –  Jos Stevens, NLR


  United States Helicopter Safety Team (USHST)

Government Co-Chair – Wayne Fry, FAA
Interim Industry Co-Chair – Raj Helweg, Air Methods 
Coordinators – Steve Sparks - HAI and Jim Ciccone, FAA

Communications - Tony Molinaro, FAA

Executive Committee

Ed DiCampli, HAI   -   Lindsay Cunningham, Airbus Helicopter   -   Tim Tucker, Robinson Helicopter   -   Tony Randall, Bell Helicopter   -   Lauren Haertlein, GAMA   -   Chris Lowenstein, Sikorsky   -   Chris Eastlee, AMOA

Advisory Members
JHSIT Implementation Co-Chair - Jill Browning, Sikorsky
JHSIT Implementation Co-Chair – Shawn Hayes, FAA
JHSIT Implementation team member – Scott Burgess, Embry Riddle Aeronautical
JHSIT Implementation team member – Clint Johnson, NTSB (non-voting member)
JHSIT Implementation team member – Tom Judge, Life Flight of Maine
JHSIT Implementation team member – Stuart “Kip” Lau, CAE/Flightscape
JHSIT Implementation team member – Nick Mayhew, L3
JHSIT Implementation team member – Chris Meinhardt, Air Methods
JHSIT Implementation team member – Chris Young, Prism

JHMDAT Analysis Co-Chair - Scott Tyrrell, FAA
JHMDAT Analysis Co-Chair  - Steve Gleason, Sikorsky
JHMDAT Analysis team member - Eric Barnett, FAA
JHMDAT Analysis team member - Scott Burgess, Embry-Riddle
JHMDAT Analysis team member - Tom Caramanico, Boeing
JHMDAT Analysis team member - Mark Colborn, Dallas Police Dept.
JHMDAT Analysis team member - Roy Fox, retired, Bell Helicopter
JHMDAT Analysis team member - Gary Howe, Bell Helicopter
JHMDAT Analysis team member - Lee Roskop, FAA


JHSAT Analysis Co-Chair - Ana Claudia Galvao, CHC Helicopter of Brazil
JHSAT Analysis Co-Chair - CC Raul Lins Barradas Neto, CENIPA
JHSIT Implementation Co-Chair – Bruno T. Villela, SIPAAerM
JHSIT Implementation Co-Chair – Antonio Modesto, HELIBRAS - Airbus


JHSAT Analysis Co-Chair - Sylvain Seguin, CHL
JHSAT Analysis Co-Chair - Bill Taylor, Transport Canada
JHSIT Implementation Co-Chair - Alex Holliday, Alpine


JHSAT Analysis Co-Chair -  Arvind Sinha, DOD Australia
JHSAT Analysis Co-Chair - Kimberly Turner, Aerosafe


Regional Lead - AVM K Sridharan, Rotor Society of India

Gulf Region

Chair of Gulf Cooperative Council Safety Team - Saeed Al Mehrezi, GCAA
GCC HST Committee Member - Roy Barnett, FAA
GCC HST Committee Member- Michel Theriault, Abu Dhabi Aviation
GCC HST Committee Member - Tony Griggs, Gulf Flight Safety Committee


JHSAT Analysis Co-Chair- Masaya Imada, FAA
JHSAT Analysis Co-Chair - Kiyomitsu Mochizuki, Aero Asahi Corporation
JHSAT Analysis - Shigeru Saito, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
JHSAT Analysis - Shigeru Machida, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency 


Government Co-Chair -Georgy Yachmenev, Interstate Aviation Committee
Industry Co-Chair - Fanis Mirzayanov, Russian Helicopter Industry Assoc.


Government Co-Chair – Pablo Carranza Plata, DGAC
Industry Co-Chair – Paul Teboul, Airbus Helicopters


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