U.S. Helicopter Safety Team Will Host HAI Symposium at Heli-Expo in Louisville

WASHINGTON DC – The United States Helicopter Safety Team will help the Helicopter Association International (HAI) kick off Heli-Expo 2016 by hosting a Symposium for helicopter safety professionals on Feb. 29th in Louisville.

The theme of the Safety Symposium will be “Safety and the Bottom Line” and will include presentations focused on showing how safety initiatives and the fostering of a safety culture results in a more profitable operation.

Key speakers at the event will be:

  • Dennis Pierce, owner and founder of Colorado Heli-Ops in Broomfield, Color.  who will offer a case study on investing in safety profitably.
  • Paul Spring, President of Phoenix Heli-Flight in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada  who will provide a case study in the use of affordable and sensible Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring tools and usage.
  • Jim Viola, FAA Manager of the General Aviation and Commercial Division, who will present the mission and accomplishments of the USHST.

In addition, the Symposium will include a panel discussion by industry professionals on the topic of cost-effective safety initiatives and behaviors along with a deeper look at the latest U.S. safety and accident data.

The HAI Safety Symposium takes place Monday, Feb. 29, from 8:00 am to 10:00 am at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville. Registration information can be found here: http://heliexpo.rotor.org/index.php/attendee-registration/

The USHST and the International Helicopter Safety Team promote safety and work to reduce accidents through a government and industry cooperative effort that has resulted in a worldwide decrease in civil helicopter accidents. More information about the IHST, its reports, safety tools, and Reel Safety audio-visual presentations can be obtained at its web site at www.IHST.org and on the IHST Facebook page.

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