IHST Applauds New Helicopter Safety Partnership in Brazil

The International Helicopter Safety Team (www.IHST.org) today welcomes the development of an enhanced safety partnership in Brazil with the creation of the Brazilian Helicopter Safety Team (BHEST).  The organization reflects a new partnership between the current IHST Brazil group (www.ihstbrasil.org) and the Brazilian Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC - Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil).

BHEST will follow IHST guidelines, mission, and goals as well as ANAC regulations and orientation.  The first Co-Chairs of BHEST will be Antonio Modesto of HELIBRAS and Bruno Villela of the Brazilian Navy.  A representative of ANAC will act as the BHEST Secretary.  Current IHST Brazil members will be appointed to safety sub-committees to be established under the new BHEST organization and new members will be welcome to support the new team.

“This union was sought by IHST Brazil for years,” explains Villela.  “It is a great achievement for IHST as another national regulator comes on board our worldwide effort to reduce the accident rates within the rotorcraft community."


Posted on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 (Archive on Monday, January 01, 0001)
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