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IHST Releases New Helicopter Safety Bulletins  
IHST Releases New Helicopter Safety Bulletins

WASHINGTON DC – The International Helicopter Safety Team (www.IHST.org), in cooperation with safety experts from throughout the civil helicopter industry, has released two new safety bulletins aimed at enhancing helicopter operations and reducing accidents.

The IHST family of safety bulletins provides important information for helicopter pilots, operators, and instructors as they prepare for flight. The newest safety bulletin topics focus on risk assessment and professionalism.

  • A Flight/Ground Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT/GRAT)
  • Setting the Right Example: Flying Safely Even When No One is Watching

The IHST now offers a total of 19 safety bulletins that individual pilots and instructors, and operators with small fleets can use to improve safety awareness and reinforce good safety habits. Each two-page safety bulletin delivers a wealth of concise information that helicopter operators will be able to use for general reference and as a training tool.

The documents are accessible within the “Resources” section of the IHST web site (http://www.ihst.org/Default.aspx?tabid=3089&language=en-US) and are organized within the safety topics of:

  • Visibility,
  • Loss of Control,
  • Controlled Flight into Terrain,
  • Autorotations,
  • Training,
  • Safety Management, and
  • * Professionalism.

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