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Commitment by Offshore Helicopter Operators to Help Improve Safety  
Commitment by Offshore Helicopter Operators to Help Improve Safety


The following ten offshore operators signed the letter: Bond, Bristow, BIH, CHC, Cougar, Dancopter, Era, Heli-Union, Inaer, and PHI. The letter reaffirms the personal and collective commitment of the signatories as well as calling upon “all those who operate helicopters in the offshore environment to implement the manufacturers’ recommended maintenance and flight operations practices and the safety enhancements recommended by the IHST”.
The four areas of concentration cited in the letter are the adoption of Safety Management Systems (SMS); improvements in training; the use of advanced systems and equipment, such as Flight Data Monitoring systems (FDM) and health monitoring systems; and Cultural/Behavioural Change and Crew Resource Management (CRM) Programmes.
The Letter of Commitment follows on from the signing of a similar letter from the CEO’s of the four largest helicopter manufacturers who gathered at HeliExpo in February 2010 to commit their organizations to support the IHST safety initiative.
IHSS 2010 took place on the 3rd and 4th of October 2010 in Cascais The event saw over 100 members of the IHST gather from across the world to update on progress towards the IHST’s aim of reducing helicopter accidents by 80% by 2016. Alongside the work of the IHST’s Regional Teams, the support of key stakeholders within the helicopter community has been secured to support the ongoing activity.
Since the IHST’s inception in early 2006, teams in Australia, Brazil, Europe, India, Japan and North America, along with members of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, have analysed hundreds of helicopter accident records to find the dominant causes and the strongest means of prevention. The results of this analysis have been captured in reports prepared by the European and U.S. Helicopter Safety Analysis Teams. IHST is making significant progress with the implementation of safety products developed to support the Intervention Recommendations (IRs) found in these reports. These reports and products, IHST Toolkits (4) and safety videos are all freely available at www.ihst.org.  
The International Helicopter Safety Symposium (IHSS) 2010 was held at the Miragem Hotel in Cascais, Portugal on the 3rd and 4th of October 2010.
Please see the Press Release for photo and further information:
Offshore Helicopter Operators Press Release

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