Help Wanted – Helicopter Safety Opportunity with the US JHSAT

You’ve heard of the International Helicopter Safety Team (IHST) and its ambitious goal to reduce the worldwide helicopter accident rate by 80% in 10 years. Our work is in progress. We’re nearing the end of four years of proactive safety work and are on the way to achieving our safety goal. The IHST’s US Joint Helicopter Safety Analysis Team (US JHSAT) is looking for a few motivated men and women to continue the work begun following the International Helicopter Safety Symposium in 2005.

JHSAT positions are not funded by IHST. They are voluntary positions, funded by participating government agencies, manufacturers, operators, and associations. Team members must have helicopter or safety experience that complements the skills and experience brought by other team members in our collective effort to reduce the risk of helicopter accidents. Our work involves team analysis of accident reports and determination of intervention strategies that would reduce accident risk. The on-going work of the US JHSAT will involve completion of its third year report and proactive safety education work that will communicate safety messages based on safety data analysis.

Our current needs are for persons who can represent helicopter operators. The JHSAT needs the assistance of persons experienced with public-use, EMS, offshore, heavy lift, flight training, aerial application, and personal flight perations and/or maintenance.

The team has two scheduled 4-day meetings  in the Dallas-Fort Worth area later this year, after which it expects to meet approximately quarterly with some independent work and teleconferencing between meetings in the coming year. Please refer to for more information about the International Helicopter Safety Team. Please provide a resume of your relevant experience to or, if you would like to help with this effort and can be funded by your employer.

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